Following is a process map drafted by Kasjmier from past experiences and acquired industry wisdom for mindfully navigating the creative process.

step 0


This is about your very first interaction with Kasjmier. The goal here will be to see if a match exists between your requirements and his expertise.

If it does, he’ll offer to sign on and begin preparations, if it does not, he’ll do his best to recommend other creatives that better suit your needs.
step 1

Finding the fit

You are cinderella and unlike the fairytale his aim is to find you the perfect shoe that fits your feet.

And for this he will dig into your brand’s story, your brand’s business goals, the needs of your audience and your unique position in the industry. This exercise helps unlock insights, opportunities and solutions that might have gone unexplored so far.
step 2

Design sprints

Once a concept solution has been identified, work begins to bring it into existence. Starting with high-velocity, ego-free and focused design sprints to define and test the solution prototypes internally and with outside stakeholders.

Bringing on the collaborators, proofing technology integrations and masterminding the post-launch maintenance workflows all form a part of this step.
step 3

Making it real

This is all hands on deck. The entire team comes together to implement the prototype into a product in flawless detail. All that’s left after they’re done is to launch and celebrate.

And if you both see fit, to make room for a new advisory alliance in your partnership with Kasjmier for future strategic initiatives that your brand may want to undertake.

Byproducts of the process

Business insights

User personas

Brand priorities radar

Competitor market study

KPIs and success metrics

User journey maps

Product management workflows

High fidelity prototypes

Refined brand langauge

Collaborator network

Content strategy

Information architecture

Media assets

Training library

Ongoing design advisory